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having an issue with the theme loading pages


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    Dan started the conversation

    when you click on any of the menu links, the page transition animation just keeps loading instead of the new page. A refresh loads the page though.

  • David replied

    Hi Dan,

    We apologize for the late reply and thank you for reporting this in. Mantis theme isn't in the public market, therefore we closed on viewing support tickets. We are now open to support as we're going to be live in the market. This issue was resolved not too long ago. We will make this update available for KCCD to download in 3 days.

    Keep in mind, the new update will have a ton of new features and may possibly break the theme on some pages. As soon as the new theme is uploaded and activated, you must click the Codie Pie (Theme Options) button at the very bottom left sidebar menu in the dashboard section. Click "Update" and the button title will change to "Saving" then wait until the title changes back to "Update" and purge all the cache in order to get the latest.


    Codie Pie Team